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This pic caught my eye this morning.. of course made comment to Matthew this would be good especially at my age.  Purposeful wrinkles…would definitively hide a lot at my age.  Well I just never know about the man he just might be able to fix anything I don’t like I never was very photogenic.  Many people have pics they prefer didn’t exist.  Everyone needs some coveralls.  So a special picture to me.
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Well getting ready to play him a I won’t post it …just felt like making him laugh.  So will let him listen while I finish and go to bed…oh don’t worry I will leave him with another thought too.  I saw this pic and was like wow if people don’t have enough they waste time on… let the book they read give LIFE not crap.  Learn where to get peace and direction.  That is thru Christ’s words.

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Hope where there is none

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