Shut Down Again!!!

Because of my dog’s pictures?

no i don’t think it is u can’t help yelling getting pissed.. i know u when in control finally can totally block if no like but drives me crazy so lets get out the clue game and find sucker who done it ok

I asked one thing to not shut down all my tabs…was on a roll.. and had 2 browsers open to try to prevent even.  Take them dog pictures off and close my browser I did not close them down.  This pup is camera shy she moves when I grab it, very hard to get her.  I still had a lot to post…lots of songs etc.  So you no want to hear what is directed to you sometimes?  Sometimes applies to both, cause you see the purpose for it, son’s purpose.

This dog does strange things…all the time need a video just for her.

I tried to get her sitting right next to my chair…she has front paws half in chair…hind feet on floor with her well i have several names for it but it is her $1.00 leash.  She sleeps with it drags it..whips it, changes where she moves it.. likes to mouth the metal latch on it.  Get that thing sitting behind neck on her back perfect half each side draped…weird she is about it.  Can’t get snaps show… she has a stone she moves from place to place to a white one…and her rawhide chew bones puts them different places all the time…even on top bed.  Grab camera to get snap her whip in my chair..this end up she moves that quick see camera.

leash whip my chair
leash whip my chair

This picture I hide camera but she isn’t sure..did manage to get this this A.M.

Stick Cigar
Stick Cigar

By Yo&Mt

Hope where there is none

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